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Who We Are.

Welcome to the Halton Baby-Friendly Initiative! We are a non-profit community coalition consisting of health care professionals and people who support breastfeeding working together to facilitate the Baby-Friendly Initiative in the Halton community. 

The Baby-Friendly Initiative is a global initiative that aims to give every baby the best start in life. This is done by creating an environment, starting with healthcare where all families are supported with breastfeeding their babies. For more information on what Baby-Friendly means, visit the World Health Organization (WHO) or Baby-Friendly Initiative Ontario.

Our Mission is to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in our community by facilitating the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative.

Our Goals.

Halton BFI's goals are to: 

  • Increase the initiation, duration and exclusivity of breastfeeding.

  • Provide information on breastfeeding supports available in the Halton community.

  • Advocate for breastfeeding rights in public and in the workplace.

  • Develop and maintain partnerships with individuals and organizations to ensure consistent messaging for families. 

  • Provide support for the BFI Integrated 10 Steps being implemented community-wide. 

  • Be involved with national and provincial committees.

  • Provide breastfeeding education for professionals.

Page updated January 2022

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