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Finding trustworthy, unbiased information online can be challenging. The following is a list of websites with reliable, research-based breastfeeding information.

Halton Parents

Comprehensive breastfeeding information, including getting off to a good start, feeding your baby, solutions to possible concerns, expression and storage of breastmilk and returning to work or school.

Global health media breastfeeding videos

Mom sitting in front of laptop with baby on her lap

Two series of 10 minute educational videos. One series for mothers and another series for breastfeeding support people.

Breastfeeding Matters

A free downloadable and printable breastfeeding book available in 16 languages.

Additional fact sheets available:

Kelly Mom

Information on a wide variety of breastfeeding questions is available on this USA-based website.

Dad holding baby with other son peering over his shoulder
Newborn baby breastfeeding at hospital

La Leche League Canada blog: Supporting Breastfeeding

A new breastfeeding blog is available every Monday on a wide variety of topics. Subscribe to receive new blogs by email.

La Leche League International

Comprehensive breastfeeding information from the La Leche League International website.

Parents sitting on bed with baby looking at laptop

Breastfeeding After Breast and Nipple Surgeries

Information about breastfeeding after breast and nipple surgeries. 

Baby-Friendly Initiative of Ontario

Information for organizations regarding becoming Baby-Friendly.

Tattooed mom breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Committee for Canada

Information about the Baby-Friendly Initiative in Canada.

  • Integrated 10 Steps & WHO Code Practice Outcome Indicators for Hospitals and Community Health Services: Summary

  • BFI Integrated 10 Steps Practice Outcome Indicators for Hospitals and Community Health Services

Dad holding baby in arms

Health Canada

Recommendations for infant feeding from Health Canada (Government of Canada).

Breastfeeding: Guidelines for Consultants

Info chart with information about breastfeeding in the early days after birth including feeding frequency, tummy size, and output (updated 2020).

Small child breastfeeding

More Milk Sooner

More Milk Sooner supports parents and Health Care Practitioners and Providers, from around the world, to learn about the life changing benefits of prenatal hand expression.

Page updated February 2024

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