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Private Lactation Consultants (LCs) in Halton

There are many private lactation consultants (LCs) in Halton who provide private, in-home breastfeeding support for a fee. Many also provide phone, text and email support.

*Some lactation consultants can also be covered by OHIP if you have a referral from your health care provider. Contact the LC for further information.

Some medical insurance plans may cover private lactation consultants if they are also Registered Nurses (RNs). Discuss this with your insurance provider and the lactation consultant.

Below you will find an alphabetically (by last name) sorted list of private lactation consultants (LCs) who work in Halton and the surrounding areas.

Halton BFI does not endorse any particular LC, names and contact details are provided for informational purposes only. Some of the lactation consultants below are involved with the Halton BFI community coalition.

If you are an LC practicing in Halton and would like to be added to this list, please email us.

“Find a lactation consultant” searches are also provided by these professional organizations.

Page updated July 2022

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