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Welcome to Halton BFI

Halton BFI is a non-profit community coalition. Halton BFI members are people in our community who support breastfeeding. Members live, work, or volunteer in Halton Region, and come from various backgrounds such as:

  • parents on maternity leave

  • stay at home parents

  • health care professionals

  • other professionals

Halton BFI works collaboratively with the community to ensure families have access to good breastfeeding support. We also support local organizations who are interested in becoming Baby-Friendly.

Halton BFI membership is open to anyone who is interested in promoting the Baby-Friendly Initiative. Members do not need to have any breastfeeding experience, they simply need to want to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding in Halton.

We are always looking for new volunteers! Please email us if you are interested in being added to our mailing list.

Disclaimer: Halton Baby Friendly Initiative makes every effort to ensure that other websites directly linked to our own include information compatible with our mission and purpose, however, we can only be responsible for information contained on our own web pages.

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