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Professional Education Opportunities 2014

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Halton BFI supports education for all health care professionals

Education is essential to provide knowledgeable breastfeeding support. The Halton Baby Friendly Initiative provides an ongoing cycle of education for healthcare providers by offering both the Level one and Level two WHO/Unicef Breastfeeding 18 hour courses as well as a one day refresher course “Breastfeeding: Current Research and Updates”.

2014 course dates

Breastfeeding Level One Course February 26-28, May 28-30, August 27-29

Breastfeeding Level Two Course January 22-24, March 26-28, July 9-11, October 29-31, November 26-28

One day refresher – Breastfeeding: Current research and Updates March 6, June 5, September 5

Please see our education page for more information, including course brochures and how to register.

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